MIR4-傳奇4-[2021-12-7] Progress Report: Account Restrictions

by MIR4-道具百科
MIR4-傳奇4-[2021-12-7] Progress Report: Account Restrictions

We strive to provide a fun and fair gaming experience for all our players. Our team carefully monitors and actively removes players who do not adhere to the Operational Policy and Terms of Use.

>> Operational Policy
>> Terms of Use

We maintain a zero-tolerance policy against the use of unauthorized programs or software, manipulation or tampering of game data, and intentional exploitation of game systems.

To date, we have permanently restricted more than 6,013,100 accounts.


[Accounts Banned or Restricted]

– Applicable Date: Tuesday, December 7th, 2021

– Number of Accounts: 35,400 (Total 6,013,109)

– Reason: Use of unauthorized programs & Violation of Operational Policy

*If you wish to make an appeal for the restriction imposed onto your account, please submit a support ticket through our official website. (https://cs.mir4global.com/customer)

Inquiry Route : Contact Us > Account > Objection of restriction

※ Please note that it may take a long time to receive an answer if you don’t submit your inquiry ticket through the route above.


We will continue to do our best in order to ensure a safe, fair, and fun gaming environment for all our players.


>> 經營方針
>> 使用條款


迄今為止,我們已永久限制了 6,013,100 多個帳戶。



– 適用日期:  2021 年 12 月 7 日,星期二

– 賬戶數量: 35,400(總計 6,013,109)

– 原因:使用未經授權的程序和違反運營政策


查詢途徑 :聯繫我們 > 賬戶 > 反對限制

※ 請注意,如果您不通過上述途徑提交諮詢票,可能需要很長時間才能收到答复。