MIR4-傳奇4-Implementation of exploitation fixes

by MIR4-道具百科
MIR4-傳奇4-Implementation of exploitation fixes


我們的團隊堅信 與我們的全球社區進行清晰而開放的溝通會產生積極的影響 。因此,我們決定披露有關最近異常暗鋼開發的詳細信息,以維護我們的 透明度政策。

以下信息已通過我們的 FDS(欺詐檢測系統)收集、彙編和分析。 


  • 剝削確定在11月30日出現。
  • 濫用者利用了無意的市場錯誤,在特定情況下,項目會被複製。
  • 發現利用此漏洞的帳戶總數達 1,766 個,其中 1,657 個帳戶已與 WEMIX 錢包相關聯。
  • 利用該漏洞異常獲得的玄鐵總數為550億(55,222,447,677)個玄鐵和200萬(2,196,411)個史詩玄鐵盒。
  • 一名濫用者擁有 150 萬(1,594,323)個無根據的史詩玄鐵盒子。這相當於通過開發獲得的 Epic Darksteel Boxes 總數的 72.6%。
  • 濫用者熔煉的 DRACO 總數達 269,370。這大約是迄今為止已熔煉 DRACO 總數的 0.66% 和提議發行總量的 0.027%。


不用說,所有與該漏洞利用相關的帳戶都已被永久禁止。與利用相關的所有物品,包括暗鋼,也已從遊戲中刪除。此外,與這些被禁遊戲賬戶關聯的所有 WEMIX 錢包的訪問和交易簽名將被限制,其後續資產將被凍結。





In continuation of our previous notice regarding abnormal in-game exploitation and the resulting byproduct, we have now taken necessary steps to ensure all exploitation offenders are permanently banned from the game. In addition to the banning, we have applied a fix to remove the bug that enabled abusers to take advantage of obtaining Darksteel and materials abnormally.

Our team firmly believes in the positive effects generated by clear and open communication with our global community. As such, we have decided to disclose detailed information in relation to the recent abnormal Darksteel exploitation, in order to uphold our Transparency Policy.

The following information had been collected, compiled, and analyzed through our FDS(Fraud Detection System).

Summary of the incident:

  • Exploitation is determined to have emerged on November 30th.
  • Abusers took advantage of an unintentional Market bug where items, under specific situations, would become replicated.
  • Total number of accounts found to have exploited this bug amounts to 1,766 and 1,657 accounts had been linked to WEMIX Wallets.
  • Total number of Darksteel abnormally obtained through exploitation of this bug amounts to 55 Billion(55,222,447,677) Darksteel and 2 Million(2,196,411) Epic Darksteel Boxes.
  • One abuser had 1.5 Million(1,594,323) unwarranted Epic Darksteel Boxes in possession. This amounts to 72.6% of the total Epic Darksteel Boxes obtained through exploitation.
  • Total number of DRACOs smelted by the abusers amounts to 269,370. This is approximately 0.66% of the total number of smelted DRACOs thus far and 0.027% of total proposed issuance.

It is unfortunate that such an event has occurred. We realize that there will always be potential threats that appear in different forms. However, it is our purpose and intention to always be prepared to resolve such matters as quickly and efficiently, with the least amount of repercussions possible.

It goes without saying, all accounts associated with the exploitation have been permanently banned. All items, including Darksteel, associated with the exploitation have also been removed from the game. Furthermore, access and transaction signing for all WEMIX Wallets linked with these banned game accounts will be restricted and their subsequent assets will be frozen.

When abusers or cheaters attempt to take advantage of loopholes or conduct actions that threaten the very ecosystem which we maintain, we have the right to exercise our authority in order to protect the ecosystem as well as many of our devoted users who we value dearly.

As we move forward, we will reference this experience in dealing with potential threats in the future to remove abusers and to protect our valued Dragonians from any hindrances caused by abusers and cheaters.

We will continue our efforts to make sure no such exploitation or bug abuse will hinder the overall play & earn gameplay experience of all our players in the future.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.